Real Estate plus Ezra Feinberg
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Real Estate

All Ages
Indie favorites Real Estate have been quickly making strides towards the mainstream with their infectious brand of sunny guitar pop.

Doors open @ 7pm

Real Estate

The critically-acclaimed New Jersey indie rock band Real Estate released their fourth album In Mind in early 2017. The record was met with glowing reviews and a much -expanded fanbase, many of whom fell in love with the brilliantly melodic songwriting and rich lyricism of the band’s previous breakthrough record, Atlas (2014). The band have played festival stages worldwide, including Coachella and Glastonbury, and performed on CONAN and The Late Show with David Letterman. Their In Mind tour in 2017 saw them play the largest rooms of their decade-long career, to fans eager to experience album highlights like singles “Darling” and “Stained Glass”. Real Estate are at work on a new record.

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Ezra Feinberg

Ezra Feinberg, formerly of Citay, is releasing his debut solo album, Pentimento and Others on February 2nd, 2018 via his imprint, Related States (and on Stimulus Progression for a limited edition cassette). After years of touring and several lauded releases on Dead Oceans and Important Records, Feinberg folded Citay in early 2012, relocated from San Francisco to Brooklyn, and stepped away from music. During this time he lost a close friend to cancer, someone who was an artistic mentor in Feinberg’s early days as a musician. He also got married, started a family, and, with mounting responsibilities, found himself questioning how to proceed with a life in music in the face of loss and with his years of freewheeling youth behind him. Pentimento is a term from art history meaning “the visible trace of an earlier painting beneath layers of paint on a canvas.” This notion, of what is lost, what falls away, and what reemerges as visible from below the surface, pervades the redemptive tone of the record.

Through these seven tracks expansive landscapes unfold through cosmic layers of electric and acoustic guitars, pianos and synthesizers, all informed by ambient and new age hypnotics, 1970s west coast psych, and the phase repetition of early New York minimalism, rounded out by a nod to West African acoustics. Feinberg and longtime producer and collaborator Tim Green (Joanna Newsom, Comets on Fire, Wand) have crafted long form pieces that take their time, seeking the pleasures and sorrows of the journey as well as the destination. Feinberg also recruited Pete Grant, the legendary pedal steel player heard on records by The Grateful Dead, Guy Clark, and Tim Hardin to contribute soaring and plaintive textures to the album’s closer, “Experience Near.” Inspired as much by Feinberg’s current work as a psychoanalyst as by his varied musical influences, this is music for long after the party, for the spaces in-between melancholy and epiphany, for when the news of the day has been turned off and there may be a moment of contemplation, a drift into the galaxies of the mind. Pentimento and Others is a guitar record for the interior cosmos, a balm for troubled times, and, perhaps, a beam of light for what might emerge if we allow the spirit beneath the surface to rise up.

Venue Information:
1 Crossgates Mall Rd
Suite # 200
Albany, NY, 12203